Archaeology Trips Guatemala

Archaeology Tours Guatemala

Martsam Travel offers you the opportunity to travel through time and history, a colorful cultural experience in the heart of the Mayan World.

Cultural immersions inside of unique Maya sites located across the center of the American continent where centuries ago the ancient cultures thrived in the land of mountains, flowers and developed their science, arts, beliefs, rituals and gods.

Our specialist tour guides and scholars will take you through unique destinations full of magic and mysticism, hiking within millennial temples, plazas, causeways and altars where you will be able to discover the hieroglyphic writing system, architecture, sculpture, and beautiful work presented on in paintings, pottery, stone and jade.

These destinations are encountered in exceptional natural surroundings where diverse species of wildlife together with impressive structures will make your archaeological trip in Guatemala a truly unique experience.

Martsam tour & Travel specializes in customize Archaeological expeditions in Mesoamerica for small groups, couples, and fully independent travelers.

Our tours are guided by scholars and professional tour guides that will take you through the most famous Maya sites and world heritage destinations, such as, Tikal, Quirigua, Takalik Abaj, Copan, Caracol, Yaxha, Uaxactun to mention a few. Also, we organize expeditions to new archaeological projects such as El Mirador, Holmul, El Zotz, and many more.

We organize private daily tours to Tikal, Yaxha, Ceibal, Aguateca, Uxactun, Mixco Viejo, Iximche, Takalik Abaj, and kaminal Juyu.

Also, you can explore the opportunity to discover Tikal in our Tikal Sunset and Sunrise Tour, a fantastic experience to be on top of the highest temple of Tikal, a unique sunrise and sunset harmonized by the sounds of the tropical rainforest and the colorful tropical birds, monkeys, and the unique fauna of the park.

Please feel free to contact us and our local travel specialist will advise you and help to plan a unique and personal archaeology tour.

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