Belize Tours

Belize Tours

Our Belize packages, day tours & all-inclusive vacations offer several spectaculars destinations from emerald waters, magnificent beaches and unparalleled barrier reef to the exuberant tropical rainforest and breath-taking Mayan temples. Water activities include snorkeling, diving, and fishing in the beautiful beaches in the Caribbean Sea. On land the great adventure is phenomenal, and it invites you to rediscover Sacred caves, ancient Mayan cities, fascinating rivers, and exotic tropical bird sanctuaries or the encounter with mammals like the jaguar and the tapir.

Archaeological tours include lovely Maya cities such as Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, Caracol, Lamanai and Altun Ha, sacred caves such as Actun Tunichil Muknal, Caves Branch, and Barton Creek among others. Hotel and lodging in Belize are varied going from simple accommodation to boutique hotels immersed in the rainforest or tropical islands that will make your trip a unique experience.

From adventure vacations or a relaxing beach holiday. Belize is your choice.

Located between Mexico and Guatemala within the Caribbean sea coastline of Central America and only a two-hour flight from the U.S Belize as the last pristine spots on the planet, Belize provides travelers the abundantly rewarding genuineness they look for inside a Caribbean gateway. For a long time, the English-speaking people of Belize have proven a cultural dedication to protect the nation’s exceptional charms. This enduring promise – to the land, the oceans and our guests- encourages everybody to attain an authentic and intimate link with diverse remarkable, untrodden experiences.

Each one of these great experiences will stir your spirit, extend your mind and transform your life.

Belize Family Vacations

Belize is an excellent destination for a family holiday no matter the ages of members of the family. With different activities available, it is possible to fulfill the specific desires and interests of family members from infants to seniors.

Borders to the East with the Caribbean Sea, to the Northwest with Mexico and the Southeast with Guatemala

The official language of the country is English, tough Spanish, Maya, Garifuna and Creole are also spoken

When to go?
The subtropical climate offers warm weather all year round; however, the rainy season is from June to November

Currency & Credit Cards
The Belizean dollar is the official currency, US dollars, and credit cards are widely accepted

Migratory Requirements
Valid Passport, US, Canada, the United Kingdom, and most Caribbean nations do not require a visa

Reef and Beach Activities

Visitors to Belize regularly rate maritime attractions as the main reason for traveling to. Belize is privileged with a rich variety in its maritime environments, resulting in UNESCO granting World Heritage Status to the Belize Barrier Reef. The exciting marine attractions are as diverse as the natural formations that comprise this 185-mile coast wonder. Discover the barrier reef, atolls as well as over 400 island destinations, pristine sandy beaches, fringing, and patch coral reefs, more than 100 types of coral, numerous species of seafood as well as a plentiful number of sea life. To guarantee the survival of these fragile environments, miles of the Belize Barrier Reef is designated as marine reserves.

Rainforest & Inland Activities

One of the matters makes Belize such an fantastic vacation destination is its natural charm. Belize features probably the most accessible wilderness within the Western Hemisphere and wildlife that attracts travelers throughout the world

The slopes of the Maya Mountains are a framework with the remarkable beauty of the tropical jungle, famously tangles, wet and full of much more species of animals and plants than any other environment on the planet. 75 % of Belize is covered with exotic forest which 40% is safeguarded. In this particular varied ecosystem are magnificent waterfalls arising from fresh, crystal clear rivers. Belize also houses the only jaguar reserve on the globe, with five diverse types of wild cats along with numerous birds and exotic vegetation.

Belize Tours Packages

Here we present ideas, and examples of itineraries that cover the most important areas of Belize, but if you like to go off the beaten path, we can craft your perfect adventure. All our tour packages are 100% customizable to suit your travel needs, dates, types of accommodation, travel style and budget

Creativity, honesty, passion, inspiration, knowledge, authenticity, dedication, efficiency, professionalism and expertise are the main ingredients we use to cook lifetime & colorful vacations and tour packages at the most inspiring destinations of Belize

Start planning your adventure

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