Food Tour: Guatemala Culinary Travel Destination

Food Tour: Guatemala Culinary Travel Destination

Smells, Colors, Texture, and Flavors of Guatemala: A Culinary Experience in The Heart of The Mayan World

Traditional Guatemalan food is a vibrant mix, in some cases, a symbiosis of elements and flavors of Mayan and colonial roots, where ingredients, preparation methods, and cooking tools are mixed that result in the well-known traditional Guatemalan cuisine.

In this Culinary Tour Package, you can learn and enjoy a colorful and exciting experience through the history, preparation, and tasting of dishes of the popular culinary tradition of Guatemalans, an immersion in the smells, colors, and flavors of the country of eternal spring.

Gastronomic Trip Guatemala

Guatemala Characterized having privileged weather and fertile land where you can discover a selection of species of flora and fauna, which allows acquiring many different ingredients utilized in the preparation of many meals, creation of the blend between Mayan and Spanish gastronomy, making the country a unique gastronomic travel destination.

Numerous present culinary traditions came from over two thousand years ago, which gives additional evidence of the continuity of the Mayan customs in the country.

Guatemalan recipes inherited from one generation to another, has many different mixtures in flavor, smells, colors, and textures. As part of the gastronomic culture of Guatemalans, food occupies a notable place in commemorative activities, for instance, The Fiambre in November “Dia de Todos Los Muertos.” Also, in ceremonial events, such as the “Kak’ ik,”  Torrejas and even the soft drinks of “Chinchivir” are traditional meals in religious activities such as The Holy Week, as well as in holiday activities, roasted corn, and corn atoll, amongst others.

It is essential and valuable to point out that for preparing on most regional meals, the pre-hispanic accessories, including grinding stone, stone mortar, containers, clay-based pots, and jicaras, continue to be utilized.

Maize has long been among the main elements within the Mayan cosmovision, which is a symbol of creation, food, existence continuity of the human being. Consequently, it constitutes one of the pillars of the Mayan religious beliefs.

The best way to get to discover the Guatemalan cuisine its to explore its diverse zones which you could experience many culinary tours such as:

  • The Macadamia tour – Antigua Guatemala
  • Chocolate Tour – Antigua Guatemala
  • The Avocado Tour – Antigua Guatemala
  • The Market Culinary Experience – Antigua Guatemala
  • The Rum Tour – Antigua Guatemala / Quetzaltenango
  • Chirripeco Tea Tour – Coban
  • Coffee Tour – Lake Atitlan – Antigua Guatemala
  • Market & Culinary Experience – Lake Atitlan
  • Caribbean Seafood Cooking Experience – Rio dulce Area
  • Yaxche Nut – Women Association – Peten
  • Cuscun Cooking School – Antigua Guatemala


Trips combined with Cultural Events & Holidays: Holy Week / Day of the Dead / Christmas

  • The culinary experience in Cuscun
  • Walking Food Trip in Antigua (Afternoon)
  • Choco Museo / San Juan El Obispo
  • Nispero / San Juan El Obispo in season
  • The Project of Ladies of Santiago Zamora / Textiles & Food
  • Coffee Tour / Between Volcanoes San Miguel Escobar
  • Mahogany Farm/weekends

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