Cultural Shore Excursion Antigua Guatemala

Cultural Shore Excursion Antigua Guatemala

A day with the Mayas around Antigua

Cultural shore trip around Antigua Guatemala, just one and a half hours from Puerto Quetzal, following a scenic view route through volcanoes, sugar, and coffee plantation that will take you in a 6 hours excursion, which includes shopping and lunch break time, coming back on time to your cruise ship.

Enjoy this effortless shore excursion traveling to the villages around Antigua Guatemala; in which will discover their historical past through ruined structures, live culture, and the great photography possibility.

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    In this excursion trip, will go to San Juan El Obispo (The first archbishopric in Guatemala established by Francisco Marroquín) and the artisanal chocolate factory.

    Discover San Pedro Las Huertas local jade factory, Ciudad Vieja (home of Guatemala’s former 2nd capital, which was buried by an earthquake-triggered mudslide in 1541), Santiago Zamora women´s cooperative and San Antonio Aguas Calientes.

    The Santiago Zamora cooperative is a women´s organization particularly centers on exhibiting to excursioners their local everyday activities at home.

    The demonstrations start with a display of the local textiles, discover how to form the threads right up until use the back strap loom and get the final textile.

    Find out how to make a cup of coffee from the beans to the cup, and experience local dance music with the women´s.

    At the end delight in an excellent local meal “pepian” produced of various spices, and they include pork, meat, chicken, or veggie.

    Leaving on time from Antigua Guatemala toward Puerto Quetzal.

    Arrival on time to Puerto Quetzal, ensuring to be on board before vacation cruise ship leaving.

    Your private or small group excursion in Guatemala finishes.