Mexico Tours

Mexico Tours

The Mayan World of Mexico has the best natural and cultural settings to do all kinds of activities. Experience the adrenaline rush of adventure tourism and the excitement of ecotourism; enjoy the luxuries of top-notch tourism; or relax on a sunny beach and discover the culture and entertainment that make our region truly unique.

The south of Mexico has numerous architectural treasures, thanks to its pre-Hispanic and colonial heritage. Due to their historic and artistic importance, the UNESCO has declared many of these destinations as a World Heritage Sites.

Among the most important examples are archaeological zones such as: Uxmal, Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Coba among other spectacular Maya sites.

Some of the archaeological zones are surrounded by the incredible natural scenery, such as valleys, jungles, rivers and waterfalls, making them spectacular destinations full of magic and charm.

Borders to the North with the United States of America, East with Mexican Gulf, West with the Pacific Ocean and South with Guatemala

The official language of the country is Spanish, English is widely spoken, and several indigenous languages

When to go?
All year-round, but due that it’s a vast country depends on the region you are going to visit

Currency & Credit Cards
The Mexican Peso is the official currency, US dollars, and credit cards are accepted

Migratory Requirements
Valid Passport, Canada, US, and European countries do not need a visa

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