Shamanic Tours Guatemala

Shamanic Tours Guatemala

Magic, color and mysticism have made the rituals and ceremonies of the Mayan religion one of the leading interests for a lot of investigators and tourists.

Shamanic Rituals are part of a fascinating world that mixes the modern Catholicism and ancient local customs which are present in different markets, where indigenous communities meet to sell their products.

Martsam Travel has explored these markets and now invites you to discover this fantastic world of mysticism through the heart of the Mayan world, where during their long history the Mayas have practiced these rituals for healing purposes, requests to their gods and to celebrate especial dates.

Many of the ceremonies and shamanic rituals are celebrated in nearby towns to Antigua Guatemala, Lake Atitlan and Chichicastenango.

Shamans have opened up an opportunity to witness and sometimes to be part on these magical rituals, taking into consideration the respect towards the customs and traditions.

Come to discover the magic of the Mayan world in our shamanic ritual tours in Guatemala

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