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Best Guatemala Tours

Guatemala is one of the most valuable within Central America traveling destinations. It is the nation famous because of its Ancient Temples, Maya People, active volcanoes, delightful lakes, and unique Mayan jungle.

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Our Guatemala Trips will take you through hidden history in the heart of the Maya civilization a multicolored destination with an extreme geographic diversity, a climatic and ethnographic variety that made of Guatemala a country with an extraordinary cultural wealth that stands out for the contrast that offers its landscape, history and living culture.

Guatemala, as a prime travel destination, offers a palette of attractive destinations that enclose live culture, ethnic markets, national parks, private reserves, lakes, rivers, active volcanoes, tropical forests, wildlife, colonial cities, and archaeological sites. Also, there are 3 UNESCO World Heritage Destinations (Tikal, Quirigua, and Antigua Guatemala).

Where is Guatemala?

Guatemala is situated in northern Central America, has favored through history, because of its unique geographical situation, a region of economic and cultural contacts that linkage of all of the area of Central America.

However, its overwhelming geographic diversity and its particular weather and ethnographic assortment have identified that Guatemala is a nation having a remarkable cultural wealth that is unique for the contrast that provides its scenery, its historical background, and its people.

Several protected areas and nature constitute genuine, vibrant museums, which they join up to among the incredible archeological and artistic culture conserved in important cultural centers.

Stand out La Antigua Guatemala, historic, stated city humanity’s cultural heritage by UNESCO, in 1979, an artistic colonial legacy’s treasure in whose ensemble is really a massive museum.

Tikal another cultural heritage destination with 576 square kilometers and also over 3.000 Mayan buildings, like temples, palaces, and causeways, where jungles inhabit a substantial quantity of types of flora and fauna.

Mayan Biosphere’s reserve with 1, 4 million hectares determined to preservation in which the Mayan cities like El Mirador remain like silent witnesses of the fascinating Mayan past and its equilibrium with nature.

The country, in general, delivers a fantastic possibility for all those visitors where we can share culture, nature, and adventure.

Borders on North and East with Mexico, Southeast with El Salvador and Honduras, to the South with the Pacific Ocean and the Northeast with Belize and the Caribbean Sea.

The official language is Spanish, though there are 22 other linguistic communities of Maya origin, as well as, Xinca and Garifuna

When to go?
Guatemala is the country of the eternal spring; you can visit all year round as the average temperature is 22 °C (71 °F)

Currency & Credit Cards
The official currency is the Quetzal.
The main tourist destinations accept US dollars, credit cards, and Euros can be exchanged in some banks, to exchange money you will need to show your passport.

Migratory Requirements
Valid Passport. Europeans, Canadians and US citizens do not require visas

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