Where to Vacation in Guatemala?

Where to Vacation in Guatemala?

Guatemala is a multiethnic and multicultural nation, having an extraordinary natural wealth with fantastic weather all year long. It likewise has gorgeous landscapes formed by green mountains and rivers emerging among volcanoes, large semi-tropical jungles, and genuine Maya and Colonial towns that contrast with the modern-day Capital City.

Centuries before, our land’s great attraction hypnotized the most crucial ancient Mesoamerican cultures, the Mayans, who selected Guatemala as an irreversible place to inhabit it, standing out their most splendid temple for this, La Danta, in El Mirador. Our nation is home to most of the archaeological parks in the area offered for everyone.

Where to Vacation in Guatemala?

The main plaza, Tikal National Park © Martsam Travel

Guatemala; Heart of the Mayan World

Guatemala is the birthplace of among the vital pre-Columbian Mesoamerican civilizations in history -the Mayan culture-. Its financial, political, spiritual, and social advancement was transcendental, which surprises visitors and residents. Countless travelers have checked out lots of traces of ultimately brought back archeological locations from various parts of the world, surprised by the testament left by this culture.

Remarkable  Touristic Attractions

Guatemala has a large of amusement and entertainment alternatives. Amongst the possibilities that can discover are the following: to volcanoes, museums, handicraft market locations, amusement park, and colonial cities such as La Antigua Guatemala, adventure, birdwatching, shopping, and guided excursions, which is a chance to get familiarized with the multicultural elements of the area.

Chichicastenango Market

All Sundays we can find some ceremonies at the plaza in Chichicastenango ©Martsam Travel

Guatemala Vacation Destinations:

  1. Guatemala, Modern, and Colonial

Cosmopolitan Guatemala City colonial and present Antigua Guatemala’s past are incorporated into this beautiful area of contrasts. It is ideal for commerce, spiritual, and cultural activities and the development of congresses, conventions, and incentive journeys. Playing golf, health tourist, delighting in varied gastronomy, accommodations in essential hotel chains and charming boutique hotels, learning Spanish, and having a good time in various entertainment centers are a few of the activities that can be done.

Antigua Guatemala

The famous Calle del Arco is a pedestrian street on weekends © Martsam Travel

  1. Highlands, Living Mayan Culture

Guatemalan Highlands is an area of remarkable natural charm and important cultural richness. Chimaltenango, Sololá, Quiché, Quetzaltenango, Totonicapán, and San Marcos belong to this area. This location provides an unlimited amount of alternatives for tourists to immerse in the Mayan tradition, from Anthropology to Archeology, fabric handicrafts, rural and community tourism, natural medicine, and likewise end up being the lead character of an unbelievable mystic experience.

lake atitlan

Morning at Lake Atitlan © Martsam Travel

  1. Petén, experience in the Mayan world

This area is where the achievement of the Mayan civilization can be valued in its optimum elegance. Checking out unique Maya sites like Tikal National Park (stated Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity Site by UNESCO), Yaxhá, Ceibal, Aguateca, San Bartolo, and El Mirador, where the biggest pyramid on the planet lies.

Tikal National Park

Tikal National Park – Guatemala® Martsam Travel


  1. Izabal, a green Caribbean

The Guatemalan Caribbean has all of it: a natural and abundant appeal, where Lake Izabal lies, the biggest in the nation, which streams into Río Dulce, a river that flows into the Caribbean sea.

Rio Dulce - Izabal

Rio Dulce – Guatemala® Martsam Travel

  1. Verapaces, Natural Paradise

The Quetzal, the national bird, can be seen in Alta and Baja Verapaz. You can go to caverns, coffee farms, and orchid nurseries, where the Monja Blanca, the national flower, stands apart.

Respendent Quetzal

The Quetzal, the national bird, can be seen in Alta and Baja Verapaz. © Martsam Travel

  1. East, Natural and magical

Zacapa, Chiquimula, Jalapa, El Progreso, and Jutiapa are seductive and warm locations. La Sierra de las Minas lies in this area, which offers one of the most splendid cloud forest ecosystem samples imaginable. In this area is the Estanzuela Paleontology Museum in Zacapa.

The Basilica of Esquipulas

The Basilica of Esquipulas – Guatemala® Martsam Travel

  1. Pacific, Exotic and Diverse

You can discover in the departments of Escuintla, Retalhuleu, Suchitepéquez, and Santa Rosa, enforcing volcanic landscapes, natural reserves, volcanic sand beaches, mangroves, and crucial archeological websites like Takalik Abaj and El Baúl.

Takalik Abaj Archaeological Site

Takalik Abaj Archaeological Site – Guatemala® Martsam Travel

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